Monday, July 25, 2011

¡uʍop ǝpısdn oǝs pǝuɹnʇ sɐɥ ǝlƃooƃ

Search engines are cracking down on link spammers and bad content writers and for those who are both then you will have problems. Their is a lot of talk that PR no longer matters. That's true for the old PR system but Google is implementing a new PR system TR meaning TrustRank. They are still testing some aspects of this system and has social media embedded into it. Meaning you can rank better for a keyword against a site that has more links. We began changing our approach on SEO services over a year ago with the knowledge that Google was heading towards Social media to cut off their biggest threat to the internet crown none other than the #2 giant Face-book. They went just were we thought they were heading which is into social media. This also means that no-follow links carry a much different value now. With Google looking to use social media more in determining a sites trust or buzz. I am also seeing sites that are backlinking like there is no tomorrow slowly disappearing into the dark. Can site with small amount of links trump a site with more backlinks? Yes, most assume that the site must have higher quality backlinks. This use to be true but it quickly changing for good reason. A site can have less dofollow backlinks and have a greater social buzz to it and rank higher than its high link counter parts. One thing though your site must have enough unique content that is relevant. Backlinks have lost more ground than PR in my opinion as the need to eliminate backlink spamming. Don't get me wrong you still need links. But I myself have slowed all links down to a small dripfeed on all our sites. This is a slower method but in the end is by far the most effective not to mention safer. How would you feel to see your site fall into Google's black hole for spammers. That would not be a good feeling and its on the rise as more and more sites are getting called out for this practice. Their seems to be a misconception that Google is most worried about providing better content to searchers. While that has some truth to it; it's not the entire truth. They are focusing on how to keep Pay-Per click on top and by shaking the SEO industry more frequently and keeping most seo companies guessing what works. I have found that SEO have become more of a art rather than a cut and paste and repeat plan. Companies are losing chasing backlinks and will most likely not end well for them in the following months ahead. Backlinks just don't scream trust anymore and they know this. Also link are just to easy to obtain anymore making them lose value quickly. With Google so hyped about their second quater this year with PayPer click after the first round of changes the are egar to increase those numbers by dropping most seo companies on their heads forcing more companies to surrender to PPC which is bad for everyone but Google. Only time will tell but we will continue to roll with the punches! Will your Local internet marketing company?